A Likely Source For That Mystery Odor In Your Kitchen

So many people overlook it.

Kitchen smelling a little "off" lately?

Once you've taken out the trash, cleared out the fridge, plugged in an air freshener and opened every window in the nearby vicinity, you're probably surprised -- and frustrated -- to find that the mystery odor is still going strong. Linda Cobb, Queen of Clean, says it's time to look down your sink.

Garbage disposals, Cobb explains, are often a source of smell that people overlook. In the above video, she demonstrates how to rid your disposal of the unpleasantness. It's absurdly simple:

  1. Fill the plugged sink with about 3 inches of water; add "a good handful" of baking soda.
  2. Turn the garbage disposal on and pull out the plug.

"As that's flowing through the sink, that's going to suck out all of that dirt that's in those holes," Cobb says. "Your garbage disposal is not only going to be free-flowing, but it's going to smell great, too."



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