South Dakota Republican Party Passes Resolution Calling For Obama's Impeachment

South Dakota Republican Party Passes Resolution Calling For Obama's Impeachment

The South Dakota Republican Party passed a resolution on Saturday calling for the impeachment of President Barack Obama.

Delegates at the party's annual convention in Rapid City voted 191-176 in favor of the measure, which claims that the president has "violated his oath of office in numerous ways," according to the Sioux Falls Argus Leader.

Specifically, the resolution cited the trade of five Taliban detainees for U.S. Army soldier Bowe Bergdahl, as well as Obama's much-maligned campaign promise that people would be able to keep their existing health insurance under the Affordable Care Act and a recent EPA proposal that would curb emissions from coal power plants.

"Therefore, be it resolved that the South Dakota Republican Party calls on our U.S. Representatives to initiate impeachment proceedings against the president of the United States," the resolution reads, according to the Argus Leader.

Allen Unruh, the delegate who sponsored the resolution, said he had a "thick book on impeachable offenses of the president." He called on South Dakota to "send a symbolic message that liberty shall be the law of the land."

Talk of impeaching the president even made a return to Capitol Hill this week, when, after a discussion about immigration reform, Rep. Lou Barletta (R-Penn.) claimed that the House could "probably" impeach Obama if the matter was brought to the floor.

"You know, the problem is, you know, what do you do for those that say, 'Impeach him for breaking the laws or bypassing the laws'?" Barletta said in a June 16 interview. "You know, could that pass in the House? It probably could. Is the majority of the American people in favor of impeaching the president? I'm not sure."

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