South Dakota's Attorney General Vows to Battle Elderly Lesbians (VIDEO)

Nancy and Jennie Rosenbrahn have a simple request for their home state of South Dakota: to have their legal marriage license recognized. But Attorney General Marty Jackley says he'll oppose them in court if they go through with their plans to sue the state for recognition.

South Dakota is one of only four states with an uncontested marriage-equality ban. (The others are North Dakota, Montana, and Alaska.) The Rosenbrahns have stated their intent to file a suit any day now, and they may be joined by additional couples.

Florida is also fighting senior citizens over marriage recognition. Arlene Goldberg has joined an ACLU case in that state, following the death of her wife Carol Goldwasser. Although they were married in New York in 2011, the state of Florida is blocking Arlene's access to Carol's Social Security benefits.

Meanwhile, public support for marriage equality is soaring in Florida, with a new survey showing it at 56 percent (to 39 percent opposed). And in Colorado, support has reached a record high of 61 percent.

And there's a major milestone looming in Arkansas this week. A judge there has indicated that he'll rule in a marriage-equality lawsuit this week. This is a state lawsuit, but a separate federal suit is also awaiting a decision. Just as in South Dakota, the attorney general of Arkansas will defend the state's ban, but with one crucial difference: He says that he's personally opposed to the ban.