South Korea's Women Curlers Have Nicknames Like Pancake, Steak And Yogurt

And now we want breakfast.

Members of the South Korean women’s curling team are getting a taste of fame, not just because of their great Olympic performance, but also because of their delicious use of nicknames.

The curlers entered the Olympics ranked eighth in the world, but victories over higher-ranked teams like Canada, Switzerland, Great Britain and previously undefeated Sweden have put the team in first place, according to the Wall Street Journal.

After beating the United States team on Monday, the 6-1 South Koreans became the first team confirmed for the semi-finals, according to NBC.

Their mad curling skills are earning them fans, and their nicknames are feeding the frenzy.

Team members Kim Eun-jung, Kim Seon-yeong, Kim Kyeong-ae, Kim Yeong-mi and alternate Kim Cho-hi all share the very common Korean surname of Kim. Only sisters Kim Kyong-ae and Kim Yeong-mi are related, according to USA Today.

So in order to practice their English and help others identify them, the South Korean curlers all adopted nicknames based on breakfast foods they enjoy.

Kim Yeong-mi is known as “Pancake,” while her sister Kim Kyeong-ae is “Steak.” Kim Eun-jung is called “Annie,” a tribute to the California-based yogurt brand. Kim Cho-hi is “Chocho” after a type of cookie. Kim Seon-yeong is called “Sunny,” after sunny-side up eggs.

The food connection doesn’t end there. The team members come from a town in the Gyeongsangbuk-do province, an area is known for its garlic farms.

As a result, many people are calling the team the “Garlic Girls,” according to Food And Wine.

However, coach Kim Min-jung turns up her nose at that particular moniker and is hungering for the internet to come up with a better name, according to USA Today.

The South Korean team’s next match is on Wednesday against Denmark. Wonder what they eat for a victory dinner?

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