Disturbing Photo Shows South Korean Plastic Surgery For Permanent Smile?

PHOTO: Is This Bizarre 'Smile' A Result Of Plastic Surgery?

Earlier this week a bizarre photo hit Reddit, purportedly showing the results of a new plastic surgery trend. The user claimed the girl in the picture had undergone a "new plastic surgery in Asia that curls the corners of your lips."

While the authenticity of the photo hasn't been confirmed, the surgery appears to be a real thing.

As pointed out by Business Insider, the AONE clinic in South Korea is responsible for the procedure, which gives the patient the appearance of a permanent smile. Dr. Kwon Taek Keun, the clinic's founder, spoke about the "mouth corner lift" surgery in 2012 at a yearly international convention for plastic surgeons. Here's how he described the results of the procedure on the conference's website: "Mouth corners lift up very naturally after surgery, and although mouth corners stay upturned on an impassive face, they lift up even more distinctively during a smile."

AONE's YouTube video (seen above) details the surgery, dubbed the "smile lipt" (a combination of the words "lift" and "lip"), and its presumed benefits. The footage is also full of terrifying before-and-after pictures.

South Korea has become the world leader in per-capita plastic surgery, according to data from the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. The data estimates 20 percent of South Korean women have gone under the knife in this quest for finer features.

While eyelid surgery and nose jobs are common, more controversial and dangerous surgeries have grown in popularity. Recently, the double jaw surgery became popular in South Korea. The surgery is supposed to create a delicate "V-shaped" chin and jawline, but 52 percent of such surgeries also result in facial numbness and the inability to chew and swallow.

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