'South Park': Cartman Opens His Own Cash 4 Gold Business (VIDEO)

When Stan receives an "expensive" bolo tie from his grandpa on "South Park" (Wed., 10 p.m. ET on Comedy Central), the boys begin a journey of discovery into just how those shopping networks and cash for gold businesses work.

It's apparently a vicious cycle of cheaply made jewelry produced by children in India being shipped to the shopping networks where they're overpriced and sold to old people, who give them to their younger family members as gifts. Then, those family members take them into a cash-for-gold business and get extreme low prices for them, the gold is shipped to a smelter where it is melted down into bricks and shipped to India so those kids can make it into new jewelry the shopping networks can jack up the prices on and sell to more old people.

While Cartman took advantage of figuring out the ancient formula of alchemy -- sort of -- and opened his own Cash 4 Gold business and launched a shopping network, Stan was more concerned that the shopping network was taking advantage of his grandfather's Alzheimer's to bilk him out of his hard-earned money.

This led to him calling up the network and asking the on-air personality to kill himself because he was such a despicable person and he knew it. By the close of the episode, Stan had started a trend, and everyone was telling the man to kill himself, and so finally he did.

What topic will they tackle next as "South Park" continues Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Comedy Central.

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