'South Park' Character Says 'F**k The Chinese Government' After Ban

The Comedy Central cartoon responded in classic style after it was banned in China.

“South Park” ramped up its jabs at China in Wednesday’s episode, having one of its characters profanely put the country on blast days after China essentially banned the long-running cartoon.

“Fuck the Chinese government!” Randy says, after his ex-business partner Towelie makes him realize that selling weed to the human rights-trampling nation is wrong. Towelie tries to make Randy promise, “no more kissing China’s ass,” but Randy offers a meek response. Then Towelie threatens to leave and finally convinces Randy to utter an even more powerful declaration.

Here’s a longer clip of the scene with audio.

The Comedy Central cartoon was essentially banned in China after last week’s episode threw shade at Chinese leaders. “Band in China” featured Stan being told not to mention the Dalai Lama, homosexuality or Winnie the Pooh so a movie about his metal rock band wouldn’t be censored by China’s government.

China essentially scrubbed all “South Park” episodes and clips online.

The show later issued a sarcastic apology, writing, “Like the NBA, we welcome the Chinese censors into our homes and into our hearts. We too love money more than freedom and democracy.” The tweet also promoted “South Park’s” 300th episode on Wednesday.

The animated series has taken the NBA to task for kowtowing to Chinese rebukes of a Houston Rockets executive’s tweet supporting pro-Democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong. The league’s limp response has generated bipartisan criticism in the U.S. House and Senate.

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