Controversial 'South Park' Episode Depicts Donald Trump Being Raped And Killed

Oh my God! They killed Trump!
Comedy Central/YouTube

"South Park" clearly doesn't respect Donald Trump's authoritah.

The show completely ripped on the presidential candidate on Wednesday night and called out the American public for being so enamored with him.

It started out pretty innocent by "South Park" standards. The show called the character parodying Trump a "brash asshole" and has him tell people to perform lewd activities on his privates. Cute, right? Then things get dark.

Taking a page out of Trump's handbook, Mr. Garrison, who's fed up with illegal Canadian immigrants, develops the slogan, "F**k them all to death"

Uh, yeah. Then later, in an extremely disturbing moment, it appears Mr. Garrison actually does rape Trump to death.

Sure, Trump has said some unsavory things before. (OK, he pretty much only says unsavory things.) But ... WHAT? How far is too far?

Forget the border. The U.S. should probably just build a wall between Trump and "South Park."

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