'South Park' Mocks Occupy Wall Street, Michael Moore & The Media (VIDEO)

WATCH: 'South Park' Takes On Occupy Wall Street

The beauty of Trey Parker and Matt Stone's ability to make a new episode of "South Park" from scratch in just six days is how topical they get to be. Even though the show is about a bunch of 4th graders, their world quickly becomes a perfect microcosm for whatever current event or scandal is rocking the news that particular week. This week, of course, it's all about Occupy Wall Street.

After the kids of South Park Elementary complete the Presidential fitness test, they're angered to hear that everyone did poorly because 1% of students (Eric Cartman, specifically) failed miserably and brought the average score down. The rest of the kids -- the 99%, if you will -- decide the system is flawed and that Cartman must pay.

You can see where this is going.

In the first clip below, Butters and Jimmy start their own Occupy movement, "Occupy Red Robin," after the Presidential fitness test organizers refuse to change their grading system. Michael Moore makes an appearance (and is surprisingly the only OWS celebrity "South Park" parodies in the episode) but brings about an extra 100 pounds with him.

The second clip below highlights two other funny themes from the episode: the media's misguided coverage of the Occupy movement and Cartman's belief that black people can no longer do any wrong in this country. His argument? If they could, people would obviously be blaming President Obama for their failure and not the 1%. Oh, Cartman.

Watch the full episode here.


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