Eric Cartman Channels Blackwater, Signs For 500 AK-47s In New South Park Promo (VIDEO)

News broke recently that a Blackwater subsidiary was arming violent drug users in Afghanistan. They took hundreds of weapons intended for the Afghan National Police and at least one of them (probably more) signed for the shipments with the name "Eric Cartman."

Well now the "South Park" guys are getting in on the fun. Just weeks after we asked them about the incident Trey Parker & Matt Stone put up a promo for their 14th season (premiering March 17th) that includes Cartman singing for unauthorized weapons. "Our first reaction to any story is 'How do we put this into the show?' and the second reaction is 'Did Cartman do that?' because he's so real to us it's like 'I bet Cartman did that,'" Parker told us.