'South Park' Tackles Occupy Wall Street: Cartman Is The 1%

'South Park' Tackling Occupy Wall Street: Cartman Is The 1%

The kids at South Park Elementary are about to do some occupying of their own.

Always twisted and topical, Trey Parker and Matt Stone's newsy cartoon is set to take on the Occupy Wall Street protests in Wednesday night's episode, and they're using a pretty heavy allegory to make their point. As always, Cartman is making his classmates' lives miserable, this time thanks to his weight -- he fails the gym class's physical fitness test, mandating that the rest of the class do more exercise, even though they all passed.

An allusion to fat cat bankers, anyone?

The rest of the class are the 99%; Cartman is the very sad 1%. We wonder if those in charge of banks are reacting the same way that Cartman does while alone in his room.

Oh, and another question: will they react the way the Church of Scientology reportedly did when "South Park" mocked them?


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