'South Park' Takes On 'Jersey Shore': Town Enlists Bin Laden To Fight Jersey Invasion (VIDEO)

Last night, "South Park" took a long-awaited shot at the summer's breakout reality series that everyone loves to hate: "Jersey Shore." When the town is threatened by an invasion of New Jerseyites and being renamed "West Jersey," the town has no choice but to enlist the help of Al Qaeda to help rid them of the problem. Yes, Al Qaeda.

The episode had several notable moments, including Kyle finding out that his mother is from New Jersey and that he himself has "the Jersey" in him, but the best moment had to be the reveal of Snooki. Watch the clip below to see the men of South Park discover her in the corner of a bar, gnawing on pickles and grunting whil sipping a Pina Colada. When one of the men asks what it is, another responds, "It's a Snooki! It's very famous."