'South Park' Fan Theory Totally Explains That Confusing Twist

'Member that twist?

If you came on down to “South Park” for the Season 20 premiere, you saw the show take on Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Colin Kaepernick, internet trolls and even J.J. Abrams by having his national anthem “reboot” pretty much be the same as the current national anthem. 

But ‘member that confusing twist?

In the episode, “Member Berries,” someone online named “skankhunt42” is trolling the girls of South Park Elementary. This is a major story line throughout the premiere. The identity of the person is secret, but the whole episode sets it up to be Cartman. Who else?

You think you have it figured out until the final moments. We see a shot of Kyle’s dad, Gerald Broflovski, pouring some wine and logging onto the South Park Elementary message board as “skankhunt42.”

Gasp. But why?

It doesn’t make sense at first. Gerald Broflovski appears to have zero motivation for the online hate until you consider one likely possibility. A Reddit user speculates: 

Hang on, what if Gerald’s wine was made out of member berries and thats what’s causing this?

Oh, duh.

Earlier in the episode we’re introduced to “member berries.” These “member berries” just say nostalgic things like, “’Member ‘Ghostbusters’?” and seem to be responsible for our infatuation with pop culture nostalgia in recent years.

Cute, right?

The berries are pretty harmless at first, but then they start “’membering” incredibly offensive things, such as when marriage was “just between a man and a woman” and when there “weren’t so many Mexicans.”

Ugh. Why, member berries? Why?

Is member berry wine the real reason Gerald is harassing women online? Probably. If not, this theory is just sour grapes.



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