21 Beauty Secrets Southern Belles Swear By

One of our fondest memories of southern belle beauty comes from the film "Gone with the Wind." Scarlett O'Hara (portrayed by Vivien Leigh) struggled with conforming to society's ideal of behaving like a lady, but the brunette actress looked beautiful as ever in her rebellious state.

Beauty standards and products have certainly evolved since the 1930s (thankfully!), but there are still lessons to be learned from the ladies who hail from the Bible Belt.

We asked our southern Twitter, Instagram and Facebook followers to share their tried-and-true beauty tips. Here are 21 of their responses:

1. "Stay out of the sun, do not go tanning, don't drink or smoke."

2. "Glycolic acid 30% used daily as a toner."

3. "I used to hair spray my face to keep my makeup from melting if I was going to be outside all day for a football (or other) game."

4. "Aspirin... as a face mask...it's like a chemical peel."

5. "Fresh lemon juice to clear pimples."

6. "A good cleanser, BB cream, Dior forever foundation, Bobbi Brown bronzer, Estee Lauder mascara and the perfect red lips!"

8. "I love a great primer, too. NARS Pro Prime Light Optimizing Primer is awesomeness."

9. "Even in my 20s, my sweet southern mama always reminds me to never go out in the sun without a good SPF to protect my face!"

10. "I have a great Smashbox primer that really helps! I'm a fan of blotting papers as well."

11. "Witch hazel as a toner and Vaseline as an eye makeup remover... And get your beauty sleep!"

12. "Castor oil to grow out eyebrows and eyelashes!"

13. "Mom said a good SPF, concealer, lipstick and pearl studs will always pull a look together."

14. "Eyebrow powder is a must."

15. "Best skin moisturizer....petroleum jelly!!!! I use it after shower everyday and my skin is super soft smooth & youthful. Btw I'm a mother with minimal stretch marks."

16. "Sunblock & Benefit Beauty Bad Gal lash mascara!"

17. "Yes!! Petroleum jelly (I use Aquaphor) on your face every night."

18. "Prime like there's no tomorrow."

19. "Place a compact mirror flat on your vanity and look into it when applying mascara to prevent getting mascara on your eyelids."

20. "Rose water and glycerin misted after cleansing."

21. "Learn how to fake a smile that doesn't look fake, wear big ugly hats to work in the garden, wash your makeup off every night no matter what, wear perfume everyday even if it's just for yourself, shave your legs even during winter, find a red lipstick that suits you & wear it often."

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