Southwest Airlines DISH Deal: 'TV Flies Free' On Southwest Airlines Thanks To DISH

Young woman sitting on the airplane and using a digital tablet.
Young woman sitting on the airplane and using a digital tablet.

Southwest flights are about to feel a lot shorter. At last -- free in-flight TV!

Beginning Tuesday, DISH Network is providing free access to live TV on Southwest Airlines on a platform called 'TV Flies Free.' Southwest customers using iPads, iPhones, iPod touches, and other Internet-ready devices now have access to 13 live TV channels and "up to 75 on-demand shows on the airline’s more than 400 Wi-Fi-enabled aircraft," according to DISH's press release.

DISH's 'Boston Boys' announced the news to Southwest passengers flying from Boston to Baltimore by presenting a free iPad 2 on behalf of both companies (*WATCH VIDEO BELOW*).

DISH and Southwest are two iconic American brands known for putting the customer first, providing products, services and experiences they truly demand,” said DISH President and CEO Joe Clayton. “It’s only logical our two companies should team up to give passengers free live TV and on-demand shows on flights around the country.”

Southwest customers will need to download the DISH Anywhere and Hopper Transfers apps onto their Internet-ready devices in order to gain access to the network but do not need to be DISH Network customers.

In-flight entertainment would become much more accessible and prevalent throughout air carriers if the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) follows through on its plans to ease its restrictions that limit passengers to use only certain types of electronics devices during allotted intervals on flights.

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