College Kid Trolls Southwest Airlines And Their Response Is Perfect

You win this round, Southwest.

United Airlines is being rightfully condemned for having a customer dragged off a flight, but some airlines do know how to provide customer service ― even when they’re being trolled.

One Twitter user recently decided it would be funny to complain to Southwest Airlines about a flight attendant.

The prankster is a 19-year-old male college student in Chicago named Juan, who tweets as @xadoringpaige.

Juan reached out to the airline and saved the entire exchange via screenshots.


Then he weaved an intricate trolling web by playing on a customer service rep’s worst fears.


Then Juan sprung his trap.


Just when it seemed as if Juan had won, the Southwest Airlines rep managed to convert the trolling into an epic save. One so good that even the troller had to tip his hat to her.


Juan told HuffPost he decided to troll Southwest Airlines strictly out of humanitarian purposes.

“What inspired me to make it is that there has been a lot of airline drama and I wanted to lighten up the mood,” he told HuffPost by email. “Of course, I wasn’t intending of shifting the focus away from what happened with United, but I wanted to make people smile and laugh. And I am happy I was able to do that.”

Screenshots of the exchange have since gone viral and have been retweeted more than 54,000 times and liked more than 83,000 times.

Southwest Airlines sent HuffPost this statement about the exchange:

“We take every inquiry seriously, but try not to take ourselves too seriously. This was an excellent example of one of our Representatives taking great care to investigate a potential issue, and pivoting when the user revealed it was a joke.”

The joke continues to be on Juan. He suggested to Southwest that they give him a free trip to thank him for all the positive viral attention they’ve received because of his trolling, but they have yet to respond.

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