Soviet Era Factory Gets A Hot New Paint Job In Time Lapse (VIDEO)

Overcoming the overbearing blandness of Soviet era aesthetics can quickly turn into a daunting task, but a new time lapse video by Sasha Aleksandrov shows the incredible process of bringing the color back into the frame. The Moscow-based filmmaker captured the painstaking progression of an industrial factory going from its drab, communist grays to the playfully colorful paint job that it exhibits today. The Sverdlovsk pipe plant went through a major revamping when a new miniature mill was added to the space. Owners of the plant felt that new production warranted a new paint job, which is when they shipped in 200 tons of paint to brighten up the industrial behemoth.

Aleksandrov filmed workers as they systematically painted every inch of the enormous factory and the end result is a captivating journey to rediscover color in a post-Soviet Russia. What's even more impressive is that Aleksandrov was able to manually switch between shots by using his foot to keep a consistent distance. View the time lapse below and on Aleksandrov's vimeo page