Recreator Launches Kickstarter to Produce Hemp T-shirts in Downtown L.A.

In December at The Cinefamily Theater in Hollywood, a Downtown LA Hemp Apparel Brand and Art-Activist Collective, Recreator, hosted a free screening of the industrial hemp documentary Bringing It Home. They also had a special preview of their Kickstarter Campaign, which they just launched today.

BRINGING IT HOME is an intriguing exploration of hemp's potential to spark a wave of sustainable industry in America: From textiles to building materials to food, hemp is battling its way back onto the field and filling more store shelves. The film premiered last year during the 5th annual Hemp History Week.

The recent passage of SB 566, a statewide industrial hemp bill, moved California closer to growing hemp, and the passage of the hemp provision in the Farm Bill, you will likely be reading more about hemp soon.

Here's Recreator on the Red Carpet. Click HERE for more photos.