Soylent's New Flavors Attempt To Make Soylent Actually Taste Good

Would you dare?

New year, new Soylent flavors to try.

Soylent, the nutritious and debatably digestible “ready-to-drink food” product that’s taken Silicon Valley by storm, is back with two new flavors: Nectar and Cacao. Created for people who are too busy to cook ― or simply don’t have time to eat ― Soylent is a “complete blend of protein, carbohydrates, lipids, and micronutrients” that takes the thinking out of eating.

For devoted drinkers of the bland, plant-based liquid, the idea of adding a little treat for your tastebuds is most likely welcome news. According to a press release, the company describes Soylent’s Cacao flavor as resembling “velvety chocolate,” while Nectar has a “custom-made fruity taste” (the wording alone should make one pause).

Packed with the same nutrients as the Original Soylent, each bottle contains 20 percent of your daily nutrients. The product is currently for sale on the Soylent website, but interested parties will also be able to buy the liquid food on Amazon starting Jan. 10.

But before you go purchase a 12-pack, check out what our HuffPost Editors had to say about the new offerings:



“The chocolate Soylent isn’t bad, although it doesn’t taste all that different from the standard option. It’s a little like almost milk with a hint of chocolate, or like a blander version of SlimFast.”


“This was delicious. It tasted like chocolate milk. It’s richer and more satisfying than the original Soylent flavor, so it feels more like an actual meal replacement than the original one does. Sampling this actually induced me to buy a 12- pack.”

“I was expecting something along the lines of Nesquik, but it tasted like any other protein-packed, powdery weightlifting drink disguised as chocolate milk.”

“It tastes like sugar-free boxed chocolate pudding that’s been mixed but not yet chilled in the refrigerator to set yet. Two thumbs up!”


Do you dare?!
Do you dare?!

“The nectar Soylent is offensively bad. It tastes like eating a Blow Pop with the wrapper on, or a half-full perfume bottle diluted with milk. I’d much rather just buy the regular Soylent, and add my own flavors to mix it up.”

“The nectar tasted like vinyl, and latex, and the dust of my grandfather’s ashes.”

“Nectar: I have to admit that the first sip of this was pretty unpleasant. But bizarrely, after taking another sip, it sort of tasted like the equivalent of drinking the leftover milk from a bowl of Fruity Pebbles? But that might be too generous because that makes it sound like it tasted good. I would never purchase this.”

“It definitely smells like Fruity Pebbles and looks relatively harmless. It tasted good to me (better than most metallic meal replacement drinks) and I wouldn’t mind drinking it for any meal. Five of them in one day? No way.”

If any of the above entice you, you might want to try Soylent’s recent foray into coffee ― appropriately called Coffiest. The 400-calorie blend of coffee and the usual plant-based nutrients launched in August, and it’s the perfect drink for those too busy to make breakfast or prepare a cup of joe in the morning.

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