Top 10 Things I Learned About My Teeth! Who Knew?

It's a time for spring cleaning, getting back into a serious gym routine and giving your body that once-over we never like to admit we do. For me, that also includes my teeth, which need to look on point for all those spring socials I swirl around to for work.
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Spring has sprung around most of America and people are shedding their sleepy winter ways to reveal that old pep in their step. It's also a time for spring cleaning, getting back into a serious gym routine and giving your body that once-over we never like to admit we do. For me, that also includes my teeth, which need to look on point for all those spring socials I swirl around to for work. A friend recommended I try out this swanky space on 57th Street called East Side Dental Medicine to get a check up from Dr. Jyoti Srivastava and Dr. Robert Castracane (partners in life and work!) and I kind of had a com-to-Jesus experience right there in my chair. Although maybe it was because of my celestial view down 57th to the river at sunset, but besides that, this team taught me a lot.


Talk about a room with a view! Sure beats Judge Judy when you are getting a teeth cleaning.

Here are the top 10 things I learned at East Side Dental Medicine. Read and absorb:

1. My dental appointment can mirror a spa-like experience.

Who knew your dentist office could be more like a penthouse apartment experience? At EastSide Dental Medicine, the complete comfort of the patient is noticeable the minute you walk in the offices. From eye pillows to herbal teas to your choice of music. The doctors also offer a myriad of sedation options (depending on the procedure), town car service home and personalized follow-up post treatment.


Not your ordinary dentist office

2. No-no to bottled water!

They recommend tap water over fancy bottle water as most bottled waters do not contain fluoride. Note some do, such as Dannon and Poland Spring, but check the labels as many European brands of bottled water do not.

3. No-no to carbonated drinks!

Need incentive to lose the Diet Coke addiction? Tap water instead of sparkling water at meals? According to the dentists, carbonation causes liquids to be highly acidic and this leads to inflammation and very porous teeth. Sadly porous teeth are more susceptible to decay and erosion.

4. The Rodin of the dental world.

The idea of bespoke anything is so intriguing, but to hear how Dr. Srivastava shapes each tooth to fit the natural contours of the mouth is amazing. No horsey chompers in this office! Tic tac teeth be gone, they create implants that look as good as the real thing. That's because she is a certified prosthodontist -- a dentist who specializes in the restoration and replacement of teeth. Most prosthodontists receive two to three years of additional training after dental school in a program accredited by the American Dental Association based either at a hospital or a university. The training includes reviews of the literature, lectures, treatment of patients and laboratory experience in fabricating restorations.

5. Cosmetic imaging is awesome.

They utilize an auto-cad system for the mouth that translates to perfection. The state of the art equipment I witnessed was something straight out of NASA -- technology that captures 3-D scans of the mouth and jaw. 3D X-rays are used to precisely plan for treatment before any procedures begin. With this technology you can view muscle, soft tissue, bone, and blood vessels with clarity that can lead to a more precise patient diagnosis. These machines also use 10 times less radiation the traditional medical CT scans.

6. Snore no more in your Hamptons house share.

Did you know certain dentists can handle this annoyance? They deal with sleep apnea issues, which can lead to snoring by creating customized snore guards. We all need our beauty sleep but when daddy's airway is constricted sleep doesn't happen. The doctors here can work with you on a device to wear that will reposition the jaw during sleep.

7. Live longer thanks to your dentist.

Did you know a trip to your dentist could add years on to your life? There's a direct correlation between plaque build up and heart disease. Even if you are a rigorous flosser, let your dentist do a deep cleaning every 3-6 months. It could save your life.

8. There's sedation and then there's sedation.

A lot of people get jittery going to the dentist. Who knew there were so many options to ease the stress during your visit? At EastSide Dental Medicine, Dr .Robert Castracane, is a certified sedation dentist and they also have on staff a dental anesthesiologist.

9. Say no to alcohol.

Well, not that alcohol, but alcohol based mouth-wash. They cause a loss of "good" bacteria in the mouth and create a low salivary flow! If you are prone to tooth decay, rinse daily with a fluoride rinse such as ACT. Or for a natural alternative, look for natural rinses with Neem Bark which is anti-inflammatory, pH balancing and has anti-cancer properties.

10. The proof is in the smile. Check out these before-and-afters! (Not mine, darlings)


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