8 Natural Spas That Harness Nature's Healing Waters (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Visit Mother Nature's Spas

It stands to reason that a vacation focused solely on relaxing and healing would reap great benefits.

Since before the time of the modern spa, natural hot springs have long been visited by cultures around the globe for their healing waters, which contain a unique cocktail of minerals purported to detoxify the body and heal ailments ranging from psoriasis to rheumatism.

Over the years, wellness complexes have developed around many of these locations, where the goal is to simply rest, relax and heal. This is achieved through programs aimed at alleviating specific ailments as well as a la carte treatments. Though, they are also open to those wishing only to enjoy a warm, soothing soak.

Whatever your preference, here are eight natural spas that cater to any traveler seeing a respite from their daily grind and even a chance to heal the body.

The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Nature's Spas

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