Spa Water Is A Real Thing And People Apparently Love It (PHOTOS)

What makes water "spa water" exactly? Come find out.

Hi, everyone. Just wanted to check in with you on a new thing I learned: spa water is a real thing and people really seem to love it. This, as you might be able to imagine from my tone, is brand new news to me. I had no idea how pervasive spa water culture had become until very recently, so I just want to make sure we're all on the same page here.

'What makes water "spa water?"' you might be asking yourselves. Great question, everyone. What makes water "spa water" is this: you float citrus slices in it -- or fruit or cucumbers -- and you either drink it while in a spa, or while pretending you are in a spa. BOOM, spa water. Are you enthralled and intrigued? No? Let's look at some spa water.

spa water

Doesn't this woman look healthy and happy? That's because the water she's drinking isn't just water - it's spa water.
spa water

Are you not convinced yet? Maybe a spa water cookbook will do the trick.
spa water

Yes, Spa Water: A Guide To Creating World Class Spa Water At Home is a real book that you can purchase if your spa water is not world class yet.

Search for "spa water" on Pinterest at your own peril -- you might fall down a two-hour rabbit hole of saying to yourself "But they must have done something else to this aside from put three sticks of lemongrass in it to warrant a photo posted to the internet?" But no, darling friends, I'm afraid they didn't. Spa water is also huge on Instagram. Here, please enjoy a posting by a woman who says she's waited years to make spa water at home. Years.

Here, in case you too have been waiting years to experience this, is a sneak peek into the experience of actually creating your own spa water.

We hope your lives have been changed and you're all looking even more forward to spring and summer than you were before. Happy water drinking!

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