Space Beer: Japan Unveils Beer Grown In Outer Space (VIDEO)

Japanese brewery Sapporo has unveiled its new "space beer" made from barley grown aboard the International Space Station.

The barley used to brew the beer was the result of a five-month mission on board the ISS to experiment with growing crops in space.

In addition to Barley, the ISS has also harvested wheat, lettuce and peas, and may try potatoes (for eating, not vodka) next.

Sapporo's space beer, called "Space Barley" is selling six packs to 250 beer-drinkers, who will be selected through a lottery. A six pack of Space Barley is selling for around $115, or about $19 per bottle.

According to the Telegraph, Sapporo hopes that one day, "the newly-created space beer may eventually become available for astronauts to enjoy in space."


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