Twitter Users Offer Trump Their Own Space Force Logo Ideas

Meanwhile, MSNBC broadcaster Katy Tur already has a "Space Force" theme song.

It’s official: The Trump administration says it will create a sixth branch of the U.S. military known as the “Space Force” by 2020.

But President Donald Trump is leaving the heavy lifting to his supporters ― at least where the logo is concerned.

A campaign email is asking Trumpers to vote on one of six Space Force logos that will be emblazoned on future Trump campaign items. Recipients are asked to pick a logo and donate to the campaign.

Each of the logos features the words “Space Force.” There’s one that says “Mars Awaits,” even though, as The Hill points out, the proposed military branch is about defense, not exploration.

NBC News correspondent Kasie Hunt posted the logos so non-Trump supporters could also see what’s being considered. 

Over on Twitter, where the mere idea of a “Space Force” was widely mocked, people couldn’t help but offer logo concepts they felt were more appropriate.


One made a slight adjustment to one of the contenders.

But while some are offering up logo ideas, MSNBC broadcaster Katy Tur already has a theme song that she sang on Thursday in an intentionally nasal voice.

“It just feels right to me,” she explained in the video below.



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