Invader Launches Mosaic Street Art Into Space For Miami Exhibition (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Any extraterrestrial beings hanging out near Earth last month got a surprising look at stratospheric street art: pioneering Parisian artist Invader launched one of his signature pixelated video game mosaics into space.

Yes, space. Invader, whose 8-bit creations have "invaded" more than 35 cities around the world -- and even the ocean floor! -- expanded the scope of his global installation by boldly sending the tile mosaic Space-one where no other work of art has gone before.

The mosaic was attached to a mini homemade spacecraft launched near Miami, where Invader's images from the classic game of the same name have been popping up all over buildings, walls, and sidewalks in advance of December's Art Basel happenings.

An attached helium weather balloon carried Space-one high above Earth, and an on-board camera documented the balloon's burst under atmospheric pressure. (Watch the first look clip above.)

"A movie about the whole project is under preparation," the artist announced on "Stay tuned..."

The film is expected to be part of the Invader solo exhibition "Art4Space" at Jonathan LeVine Gallery's booth in the Basel-concurrent Pulse Art Fair December 6-9. Along with the show, the gallery plans to release the publication "Mission Miami/Art4 Space," chronicling the mosaic's epic flight, and a map to all the Invader mosaics installed around Miami.

The artist, who is always masked to keep his identity secret, keeps a score for his work based on size, weight, and degree of difficulty. He was ticketed in Los Angeles in 2010 for putting an Invader on the Hollywood sign, then arrested in the same city last year near a historic building in Little Tokyo.

"The act in itself is political, as 99 percent of the time I don't have authorization," he wrote on his website. "Otherwise, it's more an experiment than a protest. Obviously there's the gaming aspect too, as I've spent the past eight years traveling from city to city with the sole objective of getting a maximum score."

No word on how many points one gets for reaching space, but here's guessing it's unbeatable.



Invader Launches Mosaic Into Space