10 Storage Solutions and Ideas For Small Kitchens

Don't underestimate the space you're in.
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Don’t underestimate the power of a small kitchen. (Let’s be honest; Less countertop space means less countertop to clean).

If you’re in a smaller kitchen, you’re probably underestimating its space-saving capabilities. And honestly, why wouldn’t you when the countertop is the width of your arm span. We hear you. Though, don’t be so quick to judge how your small kitchenette can work for you.

Whether it be hanging your pots from the ceiling, using a magnetic knife strip to free up counter space, or using a slim trash bin that fits perfectly between that awkward opening between the counter and the wall, the home decor industry is finally listening to those whose kitchen and bathroom are essentially the same thing.

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Lipper Bamboo Over the Sink/Stove Cutting Board
Put this over your sink or stove for easy prep access and more countertop space. Shop it here for $28.
simplehuman Butterfly Step Trash Can
This trash can was specifically designed for tight spots with its rectangular shape and butterfly lid. Shop it here for $160.
Oenophilia Under Cabinet Stemware Rack
A small space shouldn't prevent you from getting your wine on. Shop it here for $20.
Modern Innovations Magnetic Knife Bar
Hang even your largest knives with this magnetic knife bar while freeing up space and having everything within reach. Shop it here for $17.
OXO 6-Piece Grater-Slicer
We're obsessed with this grater and its do-it-all functionality. When not in use, the graters slide into the base for space saving storage. Shop it here for $30.
FreshGadgetz All in One Kitchen Kit
From a cap opener to a spice grater to a lemon squeezer, this multi-purpose cooking kit includes nine different kitchen tools. Shop it here for $15 + shipping.
Whitmor Supreme Baker’s Rack
This all-in-one includes storage, a rack to hang pots or utensils, and a cutting board all for under $100. Shop it here for $75.
SNAP'N STRAIN™ by Kitchen Gizmo™
Get rid of your huge pasta strainer and replace it for this compact strainer that fits nearly all round pots. Shop it here for $13.
Track Rack Ceiling Pot Rack
This modern pot rack is not only extremely cute, but will save you from the endless question of, "where do I store this pot?" Shop it here for $63.
Joseph Joseph Elevate Carousel Tool Set
Not only is this kitchen utensil durable and slim, it doesn't touch the surface meaning there's no cross contamination of foods. Shop it here for $50.

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