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Go To Space At The Same Time As Famous People: There Are Still Tickets

We’re in the midst of another space race, but this one has paparazzi.

Space Expedition Corporation, or SXC, says it plans to send a group of 100 passengers into space next year. Notable entertainers -- Victoria’s Secret model Doutzen Kroes, DJ Armin van Buuren and singer/activist Bob Geldof -- have already booked seats, and tickets are still up for grabs... for $100,000.

As a “Founder Astronaut” on SXC’s mission, you and your famous fellow passengers would stay in a hotel near the Spaceport on the island of Curacao. Then, one by one, you’d hop in the Lynx Mark II for a one-hour flight into space and back.

The spaceship can only fit one passenger at a time, and a raffle will determine the order of flights, so theoretically you could beat Armin to space and then tell him about it. Which would be kind of cool.

This SXC voyage puts pressure on Virgin Galactic, the company that has been selling tickets to its own space flight for years.

Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Leonardo DiCaprio and more celebs have reportedly booked spots with Virgin for $200,000 a pop, but the flight has been delayed numerous times.

But as of now, both SXC and Virgin say 2014 is the year their high-profile passengers will finally make it past the sound barrier.

Will you be there with them?

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