Florida Is Weird. This Web Series Will Attempt To Find Out Why.

Everyone knows that Carl Hiaasen and HuffPost Weird News put Florida on the weird map.

But its insanity is missing its own show, one that seeks to answer how Florida brought us the violent naked pooping masturbator; why people are still, to this day, eating each other's faces; and what weapons Floridians use to make love.

"Spaceship Florida" is an ambitious comedy web series dropping on Aug. 1 that will hopefully make us laugh as hard as the drunk Pterodactyl at Legoland did. Director Paul Ratner -- who wrote up a great list of weird Florida stories for us earlier this month -- believes in Florida's insanity much like we do.

Ratner explained further in a recent blog post about the show:

"Every day of every week of every year something weird is going on down there. People have blamed Florida on migration patterns, old people, politics, weather, economics and whatnot. Maybe all of those things have something to do with it, but maybe they don't... Lucky for you, we made a new show that makes a darn good attempt to explain Florida Men and Women."

Now, we have no idea what's going on in the trailer above, and will have no idea what the quality might be until Aug. 1. But that's probably the point. Tell us what you think, and if you crave more Weird Florida, before the show airs, we have an entire section dedicated to its greatness. Click here.



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