Spain Olympic Uniforms Make The Internet Rounds (PHOTOS, POLL)

At least that's the word from plenty of Internet commenters, reporters and athletes alike. Photos of the red and yellow uniforms started making the Internet rounds after Saúl Craviotto, a gold medal-winning canoeist competing for Spain, tweeted a pic of himself with the caption, "En casa probándome la ropa de los JJOO!yo mejor no opino, os lo dejo a vosotros..."

Roughly translated, Saúl said, "At home trying on the clothes for the Olympics! Better that I not comment, so I'll leave it to you..."

Later that day Alex Fabregas, a field hockey player for Team Spain, tweeted a photo of himself all decked out, flashing a grin and an (ironic?) thumbs up in reference to the "Equipació olímpica."

The vibrant uniforms, designed by Russian firm Bosco, are red-based with bold prints resembling flames, some sort of paisley and other odd graphics. They're not what you'd call "easy on the eyes" and the general reaction in this office echoed that of Jezebel: "It looks like someone barfed on a McDonald's uniform."

Read more about and form your own opinion based on the photographic evidence below. Are you rooting for Team Spain's duds?

Equipació olímpica, sobren els adjectius...…

— Alex Fabregas (@AlexFabregas) July 17, 2012

For comparison's sake, check out Team GB's Olympic kit:

Team GB's 2012 Olympic Uniforms