Spanish Judge Asks Rape Victim If She Tried Closing Her Legs

The judge's actions are under review.
Chris Ryan via Getty Images

A Spanish judge is under investigation after asking a rape victim if she tried closing her legs.

According to The Clara Campoamor Association, a gender-rights group in Spain, Judge María del Carmen Molina Mansilla engaged in "offensive, degrading and humiliating" questioning of a pregnant woman, who came to a police station last month to report she had been physically and sexually abused. The judge reportedly went so far as to ask the woman, “Did you close your legs firmly? Did you close off your female organs?”

In comments translated into English by The, Clara Campoamor president Blanca Estrella Ruiz said the organization is pushing for authorities to conduct a full review of the judge. "Such questions are not only unnecessary to the investigation but are completely offensive and violate the dignity of the victim," said Ruiz.

Spain's General Council of the Judiciary, which governs the country's judiciary, confirmed to The Telegraph that it received a formal complaint about the judge this week. The organization said it had asked the judge for her version of the case.

A court official told The Independent the judge wouldn't comment on the case.

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