Spain Subway Rescue: Video Shows Police Saving Woman From Tracks (VIDEO)

By AP/Hayley Hudson

Dramatic CCTV footage captured a Spanish police officer pulling a woman from subway tracks in Madrid just before a train entered the station.

From the Associated Press:

The images run on Spanish media websites Tuesday showed the woman suddenly falling off the platform in the Marques de Vadillo station on Monday, causing panic among other waiting passengers.

The police officer, who was further down the platform, immediately jumped onto the tracks and dragged her to the opposite platform seconds before the train entered the station.

The unnamed officer, 39, was off-duty at the time, according to the Daily Mail. Police said he heard the woman's body hit the tracks.

Other commuters, waving frantically, managed to get the attention of the train driver, who halted the vehicle before it could strike the pair, the Mail reported.

Police said the woman, 52, had suffered a dizzy spell. According to reports, a doctor happened to be nearby to provide initial treatment before paramedics arrived. The woman was treated further for minor head injuries at a city hospital.

The incident comes a month after a mumbling woman pushed a man to his death in front of New York City's 7 train.

In 2007, Wes Autrey rescued a 19-year-old who fell at Broadway's 137th Street station and began convulsing. He pressed their bodies down in an area roughly a foot deep as the approaching vehicle stopped with inches to spare.



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