Spain Train Crash: Locals Line Up To Donate Blood After Derailment In Santiago De Compostela (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Spain is still reeling after Wednesday night's deadly train crash in Santiago de Compostela, but we're finding hope in the incredible way locals have rallied to help survivors. Once news of the crash circulated, residents flocked by the dozens to give blood at local clinics.

Early Thursday morning, Reddit user Puxa posted a photo of the city's amazing response, which quickly went viral. The caption reads, "After a terrible train accident last night, this was the line to donate blood at 2am in Santiago de Compostela, Spain."

Reuters estimates that 94 people were injured in the crash, 35 of whom were in serious condition. The outpouring of local support has the potential to save dozens of lives.

AFP News interviewed some of the donors who didn't hesitate before trying to help. One woman said, "I saw on TV that they need blood donors, and I'm O negative. Even if I wasn't I would still have come. You have to cooperate, seeing as there's not much else you can do."

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