This SpamBot Is Saying Nice Things To Everyone On Twitter

But if you're waiting to be complimented, you'll have to be patient -- it could be awhile.

It’s not only reality TV stars who get a lot of hate on Twitter.

With so much negativity online, anti-bullying charity Champions Against Bullying has set up a new automated account to put some love back into the game.

And it’s doing so one delightfully uplifting, and personally directed, tweet at a time.

The NiceBot is pumping out a friendly tweet to a random user every 36 seconds. So far, some 8,800 messages have been sent.

The tweets ask users whether they are astronauts because they're "out-of-this-world” and tell them their smiles make the world a happier place.

The tweets may be slightly cheesy.

But Deutsch creative director Jeff Vinick, who teamed up with Champions Against Bullying for the project, said he hoped people would respond favorably to the positive spambot.

He dubbed it "the Mars Rover of kindness."

“While spam is normally thought of as something negative, we figured that if the message was simple and positive enough, people would respond favorably — and maybe even be tempted to spread some niceness themselves,” he told AdWeek.

The NiceBot ultimately aims to reach every single one of Twitter’s 300 million users.

You may be waiting for your uplifting note for some time, however, as AdWeek points out that it will take the bot some 342 years to get to everyone.

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