Spanish Designer Chus Burés is Welcoming Millennials to a New Brand

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For more than 30 years as a professional jeweler, Chus Burés has made a name for himself as a trendsetter and pioneering collaborator in the design world. Having worked with notable contemporary artists like Louise Bourgeois, Carmen Herrera, Miquel Barceló, and Santiago Sierra, and partnering with high fashion houses including Loewe, Agnés b., Maurizio Galante, and Akris.

Since he was a teen crafting jewelry from scraps while growing up in the vibrant cultural mecca of Barcelona, Chus Burés has always been fascinated with the powerful connection between art and symbolic adornment. From early collaborations with fashion houses to a commission from the Spanish director Pedro Almodovar, Burés’s innate sensitivity to design and iconography helped spark his rise to international status.

Over three decades, Burés has built his brand as a tastemaker and sought-after artistic collaborator, producing jewelry of fine craftsmanship and unrivaled style in studios across Europe. Recently, Burés shared his legacy in a new way, bringing the soul of his iconic style to the next generation of tastemakers with his new brand CHUS X CHUS.

Now, with CHUS X CHUS, Burés is welcoming the millennials to his distinctive universe, making forward-thinking jewelry with a history of high design more affordable — and accessible. The impulse of this initiative is to share a universe of his own, created over the years, contributing his experience in collaborations with great artists of recognized international fame in the world of fashion, cinema, with exhibitions and projects in design centers and international museums. The brand is aimed at young people who identify with CHUS X CHUS products, because it speaks of them, their taste, their philosophy of life, their concerns.

During an exclusive event at Tribeca, limited to a small group of friends to start experience the new designs of his new brand , Burés said that the primary objective of his new project is to transcend style through generations, and breaking design barriers to provide high- quality artist designs that are anything but basic at affordable prices to the millennial and Gen Z. He plans to reinvigorate jewelry as an art form to younger generations.

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