Spanish Mothers Strip To Save School Bus; Sexy Calendar Moms Have Raised Thousands (VIDEO)

Spanish Mothers Go Topless In Sexy Bid To Save School Bus

A group of fearless mothers in Spain have gone topless in order to save their school's bus.

The women, all mothers of children in the town of Montserrat, decided to take the rather unconventional course of action in December, after authorities in the region decided to restrict school bus pick-ups in an attempt to save money, according to Euronews.

A topless calendar may seem extreme, but for many families, it was worth it.

After bus service was cut, families were forced to navigate a difficult and often long walk to school, according to The Telegraph.

NRP reports that Eva Maria Casas Sancho's children were forced to walk almost 3 miles to their elementary school after the cuts.

"There's no sidewalk and there are lots of trucks going fast," said Sancho, a 41-year-old mother of three, and the calendar's Ms. June. "The truth is, it's pretty dangerous for kids to be walking there."

Montserrat is located near Valencia, one of the country's largest cities, and also a region extremely hard hit by the burst of a real estate bubble, according to Reuters. Valencia and its northern neighbor Catalonia are the country's two most indebted areas.

The calendar has since proved immensely popular in the small Mediterranean town of around 7,000, according to NPR.

The Associated Press reports that the mothers need about $4,100 to fund the bus, driver and monitor for a month. So far, calendar sales have raised enough money to keep the bus running through June.

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