7 Creative Makeovers For Your Kid's Newly-Spare Bedroom

Becoming an empty nester doesn't have to be a sad time. Sure, it takes some getting used to not having noisy, messy, yet lovable teens around the house. But look on the bright side. You'll save on your grocery bill now that you don't have to feed your children's seemingly bottomless stomachs, you won't have to clean up as much, you might just rediscover that spark with your spouse, and you'll have plenty of extra space. Lots of it.

You know what all that new space means? Time for redecoration to become your newest hobby. Or perhaps you can redecorate to give yourself space for a new hobby.

We enlisted the help of our Facebook fans to find out what they did with their spare bedrooms once their kids moved out. Here are some incredible ideas that'll have you tearing down the wallpaper in your kids' spare rooms before they pull out of the driveway one last time:

1. A zen room

"It's my favorite room in the house," said Nancye Hernsmith Bright.

2. A dressing room

"I have a vanity with pretty mirrors and lights and a stereo, with a place for my jewelry and accessories. It is my haven," said Wendy Lessard.

3. Craft and sewing room

4. A guest room

"But was pretty much a 'shrine' to her teen years," said Lois Rubin.

5. A home gym

6. A playroom

For when the grandkids visit, said Laurie Hecht.

7. Storage

Whatever you decide to do, just promise us (and yourself), you won't turn into one of these parents.

They will never leave.



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