Too Much Spare Time Could Make You Sad: Study

No one likes being stressed out, with no personal time to do leisurely activities. But a new study suggests having too much time on your hands could decrease happiness, too.

The research, conducted by scientists at Xavier University in Cincinnati and Baylor University in Texas, shows that among teens who are materialistic and compulsive spenders, having too much spare time OR not having enough spare time are linked with lower happiness levels.

The study involved 1,329 high-schoolers. Researchers gauged how much spare time the teens had, as well as how much value they place on material things and their tendency to to buy compulsively.

Researchers also found that being materialisic and a compulsive buyer lowered happiness levels of teens.

"Living with a sensible, balanced amount of free time promotes well-being not only directly, but also by helping to alleviate some of the negative side effects associated with living in our consumer-orientated society," the researchers wrote in the study.

Even though this study shows that too much free time can make you unhappy, stress isn't good either. Check out these tips for beating stress in the office and around the holidays.