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The Best Flavors Of Sparkling Cider: Our Taste Test Results

We've all stumbled upon them -- either at the grocery store or as an underaged guest at a wedding -- those leaf-green, Champagne-style bottles with the cursive writing: Martinelli's. It's a non-alcoholic sparkling cider that's produced in California and often served as an alternative to teetotalers and children. Though it may never satisfy the urge for a good glass of bubbly like real Champagne can, we think sparkling cider is a pretty tasty drink in its own right -- so we wanted to show you a few more ways to enjoy it (and no, this is not an ad for Martinelli's).

We're all familiar with the classic sparkling apple flavor, but you may not know that Martinelli's actually makes 10 different flavors -- apple, apple-cranberry, apple-grape, apple-pomegranate, apple-peach, apple-mango, apple-pear, apple-wildberry, apple-marionberry and apple-raspberry. They're each created with the intention of being enjoyed as is, but we think they'd make some pretty amazing mix-ins to your holiday punches (whether they're filled with booze or not!).

Our panel of testers blind-tasted each of the 10 different flavors, not knowing which flavor they were drinking. We scored them, ranked them, and noted our thoughts about each cider, with the goal of helping you find your favorite. So which was the winner? Check out the results below:

Sparkling Cider Taste Test