Speakers You Don't Want to Miss at Conscious Life Expo

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Are you witnessing or contributing to the transformation of the world that is taking place? Then you won't want to miss The Conscious Life Expo, a 4 day Conference and Exposition from February 19-22, 2016 at the LAX Hilton at 5711 W Century Blvd. in Los Angeles. In addition to the Keynote Speakers, Workshops, and Panel Discussions, there's a Film Festival, huge Exhibitor list, and many Special Events, something for everyone to inspire and support your work in the world. Many events are free or included in the General Admission Day Pass; some require additional tickets.

The first speaker I highly recommend is Matt Kahn presenting with Julie Dittmar on Saturday from 4:00 -5:30 pm in Los Angeles A room. Matt is a bridge between the mystical realms and the path of awakening, a gifted spiritual teacher, intuitive healer and now author of his new book Whatever Arises, Love That. He combines a heart-centered awareness of unity consciousness with a profound understanding of the mystical nature of reality. Using his intuitive abilities he is able to pinpoint what blocks any heart from opening and as a result, offers teachings on how we can heal the body, awaken the soul, and transform reality through the power of love. This workshop is sure to be a perfect opportunity to deepen your practice of self-love as a way of activating the most profound healing, awakening, and transformation you are here to receive. It's time to fulfill your highest destiny as a living anchor of heart-centered consciousness and Matt Kahn will show you how to do just that.

On Sunday morning I suggest you find your way to the La Jolla Ballroom from 10:00 - 11:30 am as James Redfield will be speaking on what he calls The Twelfth Insight: Entering the Miracle Universe. James believes that this new Insight operating in the world is a karmic understanding involving the correct spiritual keys to live a full spiritual consciousness in this Universe. The best-selling author of The Celestine Prophecy, celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, will discuss how to open to more synchronicity in your life and to identify and trust your intuitive thoughts for added guidance. He will share a breakthrough method called "Intuitive Giving" and an effective technique to amplify your prayer/intention power. James Redfield will discuss these simple attitude shifts and then help you to make the decision to adopt them so that you can expect a path of destiny to open up--one that is already waiting for you.

My third recommendation gives you lots of opportunities to hear Dr. Eben Alexander. He is one of six members on the panel about the Near Death Experience: What Happens When We Die? This discussion will be held on Sunday morning from 9:30 -11:30 in the Plaza Room. If you miss this because you're at James Redfield's talk, you can catch Dr. Alexander in the La Jolla Ballroom on Sunday afternoon from 4:00 - 5:30pm in his keynote address entitled Synthesis of Science and Spirituality: The Arc of Human Destiny. The best-selling author of Proof of Heaven and The Map of Heaven, Dr. Eben Alexander spent over 25 years as an academic neurosurgeon until a near-death experience radically transformed his understanding that consciousness is the one mind that connects us all through space and time. He will also speak in the La Jolla room on Monday from 2:00 - 4:30pm with Karen Newell to discuss the Eternity of Souls & Their Connections: Journey of Science, Spirit and Sound.

At the Conscious Life Expo on Feb. 19 -22 in LA, you'll find people, ideas, products and possibilities on which to feast the mind, body and soul. Hope to see you there!