Speaking Truth to Impotence in Trump World

Speaking Truth to Impotence in Trump World
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Since Donald Trump’s inauguration we often hear the phrase “speaking truth to power.”

Political pundits bemoan that no one on the President’s staff will speak their mind to him. Every new White House appointment prompts the same question. Will he or she tell the president what they truly believe -- speak truth to power.

Examining power more closely is an interesting task with Mr. Trump. The President of the United States has always been considered the most powerful man in the world -- at least up till now. Let’s see if we can explode that myth by exploring recent historical context.

It’s interesting how events often foreshadow what’s to come in the future.

When Donald Trump cruelly insulted his Republican primary rivals no one seemed to mind. And, when Marco Rubio commented on Donald Trump’s small hands only “The Donald” felt it was necessary to make an issue.

Power and impotence might be considered antonyms. While Rubio’s comment was clearly interpreted to imply sexual impotence, perhaps unknowingly he was actually a soothsayer.

Up to this point President Trump has been arguably the most impotent President in modern history. One dictionary definition describes impotence as “the inability to take effective action; helplessness.”

Not only has President Trump not been able to control the actions of many of his subordinates, he clearly has been both helpless and unable to take or make constructive action in virtually any legislation including many of his “executive orders.” The only significant legislation to cross his desk deals with sanctions on Russia -- clearly not something he wants.

I beseech the media to be more specific in its communication. Stop talking about the inability to “speak truth to power.” It’s inaccurate. Be precise. Tell it like it is. Most Republicans and virtually all Donald Trump’s minions are “afraid to speak truth to impotence!”

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