Special Election In Trump Country Too Close To Call

Democrat Conor Lamb has declared victory.


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DEMOCRAT CONOR LAMB HOLDS A SLIM LEAD IN PENNSYLVANIA TRUMP COUNTRY Lamb was ahead by 579 votes, meaning the race will likely end in a recount. Trump won this district in 2016 by over 20 points. Fellow Republicans blamed the close race on GOP candidate Rick Saccone, saying he “came across as establishment” and had a “porn stache.” [HuffPost] [Tweet | Share on Facebook]

THE AFTERMATH OF A SECRETARY OF STATE BEING FIRED Via tweet. Trump called Rex Tillerson to tell him the news personally three hours after the tweet went out. Tillerson’s top aide was also fired after contradicting the White House on the timeline. Here’s what to watch for as CIA Director Mike Pompeo becomes the next secretary of state and takes over a “shattered department.” His replacement, Gina Haspel, is under firefor running a torture program. And the musical chairs in the Trump administration may not be over, as Trump is eyeing Rick Perry to replace the embattled Veterans Affairs head. [HuffPost]

TRIBUTES ARE POURING IN FOR LEGENDARY PHYSICIST STEPHEN HAWKING Who died from complications due to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis at the age of 76. [HuffPost]

KRIS KOBACH’S OWN EXPERT WON’T SUPPORT THE CLAIM THAT THE PRESIDENT WON THE POPULAR VOTE “One of the academics that Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach (R) picked to back up his claims of widespread voter fraud said in sworn testimony on Tuesday that he could not support Kobach’s claim that illegal votes may have swung the popular vote during the 2016 presidential election.” [HuffPost]

A DOG DIED ON A UNITED FLIGHT AFTER OWNER WAS FORCED TO PLACE THE CARRIER IN OVERHEAD BIN Which likely did not have proper air circulation. Turns out that 18 of the 24 pets that died flying on U.S. carriers last year were on United planes. [HuffPost]

THESE STUDENTS AREN’T JOINING THE NATIONAL WALKOUT TO PROTEST GUN VIOLENCE TODAY “Politics, safety concerns and threats of disciplinary action are just some of the reasons these teens won’t demonstrate with their classmates on Wednesday.” [HuffPost]

THE WORLD’S BIGGEST BERNIE SANDERS HATER IS BOOSTED BY A BOT NETWORK All revolving around a Democratic consultant. [HuffPost]


INDIA’S PRIME MINISTER PLEDGES MASSIVE PUSH TO FIGHT WORLD’S TOP INFECTIOUS KILLER Global health experts consider Modi’s commitment to stop tuberculosis to be a game-changer. [HuffPost]


HUFFPOST OPINION: ‘HOMELESS WOMEN SAY “ME TOO,” BUT NO ONE LISTENS’ “I don’t have to return if I decide not to. But where can these women go?” [HuffPost]

THE DARK SIDE OF TECH ADDICTION “Nearly all of the [kids] become anxious and upset when they’re asked to surrender the thing that led them there: their smartphones. A few have even threatened to kill themselves at the prospect of having their internet cut off.” [Variety]

TURNS OUT EVEN THE QUEEN GETS PAID LESS Outrage is growing over the news that Matt Smith was paid a higher salary as Prince Philip than Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II. [HuffPost]

WE HAVE ALL THE FEELS About the return to Hogwarts in the trailer for “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald.” [HuffPost]

A ‘BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER’ REBOOT IS POSSIBLE Under this one condition. [HuffPost]

BECAUSE IT’S A LONG TIME UNTIL ‘GAME OF THRONES’ RETURNS, HERE ARE SOME JUICY TIDBITS TO TIDE YOU OVER We finally know what Ned Stark said in those pivotal moments, and Rose Leslie is kicking Kit Harington out of the house for one rather scary reason. [HuffPost]


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