Huffposters: look at the reflection in the plate!
It's not a hologram -it's reality! It's you!

Buy a limited edition Hugo Chavez Plate of Hate, and you'll never have to eat alone again! Finally: A perfect companion to watch Keith Olbermann - and Hugo won't care if you're in your underwear!

And at only $400 a plate, he's worth it!

-Because he was there first, sharing your beliefs that America was the problem and Bush is the devil.
-Because he spoke truth to power - and not only in front of the bathroom mirror like you do!
-Because he reads the same books you have thought about reading!
-Because your polling data hasn't told you yet it's not good to like him!
-Because dissent is patriotic!

(Buy four plates and get a set of Noam Chomsky autographed adult diapers -- biodegradable Hege-Huggies- free! Get a butter plate If you're the 666th commenter - because Bush really is 'el diablo'!)

Does this hit too close to the bone? Then don't go here.

Also: I saw Hard Candy (see ad immediately below!). It was absolutely awful. An incoherent piece of excrement, only smellier. Don't see it. Period. I wonder how much money the Huff gets for that ad. Do you think they share it with the writers? Probably not. Now that's progressive!