Special K Urges Us To Stop The 'Fat Talk,' But Is It One To Talk?

Women need to lose the fat talk, a provocative ad from Special K says.

For its latest campaign, the cereal brand set up a clothing store with labels and placards full of fat talk to highlight the self-deprecating messages women tell others about their weight.

Upon seeing familiar jabs, such as "I have a muffin top," some shoppers react with shame and vow a turn toward the positive.

"It's kind of bewildering to me to think that someone can do this and say this and feel this way about themselves," one woman proclaims. "No more fat talk," says another.

Special K says 93 percent of women engage in the practice.

"We believe that fat talk is a barrier to managing our weight and, when so many women are doing it, we're all further from reaching our goals," the cereal's FightFightTalk.com declares.

But not everyone's completely on board with the spot.

One YouTube user added a soggy note to the campaign, writing, "Its kinda ironic that Special K would start a fight against fat talk, when they promote slimming down. ... They need to start with their commercials by promoting a healthy body not a slimmer one."

Yes, fat talk is terrible for your emotional well-being. It would be a kindness to yourself and your friends to ban it from your vocabulary.

But how many new years in a row have we been bombarded with ads encouraging us to "take the Special K challenge"?

Do you think Special K's message is on the mark or should the brand lose the ad? Watch above, and let us know.