Specter Chemo Photo In Sestak Ad Sparks Fury (VIDEO)

A new ad from Joe Sestak seeks to point out to Pennsylvania voters that Sestak has worked the Democratic primary race for Senator Arlen Specter's seat into a "dead heat," with more momentum to come.

But the Specter camp is crying foul over a portion of the video in which Specter's face appears. The reason? The photo the Sestak campaign chose is one that was taken while Specter was receiving chemotherapy treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Salon's Mike Madden points out that Specter's people are pushing back on this in an odd way:

"The depiction of Senator Specter during the time he was clearly exhibiting the adverse effects of chemotherapy is truly reprehensible," a Specter ally, Cyril Wecht, says in a statement Specter issued Thursday morning. "Political differences and aggressive campaigning should always be pursued with in the bounds of personal sensitivity and basic decency."

Wecht's main credential, though, is that he's the former Allegheny County coroner. Which means the Specter campaign is using a guy who used to examine dead bodies to complain about Sestak making Specter look like one.

Coroners! So hot right now!

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