Speed of Conversation

If I remember correctly from high school science class, there is nothing faster than the speed of light. Back in the day, technology had finally broken the sound barrier, so we were able to move faster than the speed of sound. But nothing moved faster than the speed of light.

When I had my own agency and we were just starting to get into digital marketing, we started talking about the "speed of life." At the time we thought we were the only ones to coin the term (ha!) and it meant that in order to attract consumers, you had to move right along side of them to their "speed of life."

Let's face it, life does indeed move fast...now more than ever.

It was a concept that helped us to develop realistic marketing programs. Any marketing activity had to be not only quick to understand, but captivating enough to keep someone's attention or they would quickly move onto something else.

These were the early days of internet surfing after all.

Today, it's at an all new warped speed.

Life itself has exceeded the speed of life and we are definitely moving faster than the speed of light, much to scientists' dismay.


With social media and our mobile lives, marketers now have to be able to move at the speed of conversation. You can't just jump in and out with product messaging anymore and expect that consumers will engage. One off wonders won't cut it anymore. Gone and forgotten, in a flash, at the speed of conversation.

Instead you have to be in your consumers' lives every day, all day, on their terms, because they want you there. You have to add value at every intersection. You have to maintain a dialogue and a conversation that keeps your brand relevant.

You have to move at the speed of conversation, which is faster than anything else we've ever done.

Posting an Instagram photo once a week, or tweeting on occasion when you have product news, or having a Facebook page where you don't respond to comments just doesn't cut it anymore.

If you are going to join your consumers' lives, then you have to be in it right along side of them. Keeping up with their lives, addressing their concerns, and maintaining an active dialogue.

24/7/365...at the speed of conversation.