Speed Stick Super Bowl Commercial: What Do You Think Of 'Unattended Laundry' Ad? (VIDEO)

Straightforward and reminiscent of the deodorant company's other #HandleIt ads, this Speed Stick Super Bowl commercial shows a young man dealing with an awkward moment at a laundromat. If the initial negative reaction is any indication then Speed Stick may also find itself with some explaining to do.

Impatient that all the dryers have been taken, the dude grabs a armful of someone else's clothes out of a machine and starts stuffing them into an available basket. As expected, he gets caught red-handed before long -- a pair of lemon panties gripped in his fingers, as the young woman whose clothes he's grabbed saunters by.

Speed Stick has received some flak on Twitter for its ad:

What did you think of the ad? Tell us in the comments.

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As the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens battled for the right to lift the Lombardi Trophy, Super Bowl advertisers competed for another prize: your attention. Each time that CBS cut away from Super Bowl XLVII to pay the bills (or because the lights went out), another group of blockbuster commercials and movie trailers were unveiled (although many had been teased). At your Super Bowl party, were people paying closer attention during the game or the commercial breaks?

While memorable Super Bowl commercials like Apple's '1984' and Snickers' spot that featured Betty White will be remembered so many more are soon forgotten or, even worse, ridiculed as super fails. Will this ad make this year's best list? Is it controversial? Or, even worse, destined to be forgotten?



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