Spencer Tweedy, Jeff Tweedy's Son, Creates 'Whole Love' Video Starring Tavi Gevinson

Jeff Tweedy sets a lot of store by his sons. They've recorded music together, been brought on stage at concerts, and now, we hear word that 16-year-old Spencer Tweedy has created a video for "Whole Love," off Wilco's latest album, The Whole Love.

Spencer, who, by the look of his Vimeo account is a burgeoning young filmmaker, posted the video to his blog Thursday with the note: "A video I made for The Whole Love last summer that slipped through the cracks. Featuring my little brother, Sammy, his best friend, Joey, and my friend,Tavi."

His friend Tavi is more widely known as 15-year-old fashion blogger and fellow wunderkind Tavi Gevinson.

The video is shot home-video style and full of all the carefreeness of youth. It features Spencer and Sammy wrestling around at home, dressing up like cowboys and sliding down the hallways of the Tweedy home. Gevinson shows up about two minutes and 30 seconds in to break a million teenage boy hearts at once.