Spice Girls Documentary Planned, Provided Victoria Beckham Approves

For women who grew up in the 90s, the mention of the Spice Girls will often evoke a bout of nostalgia.

And though it may be well over a decade since the group broke up, it seems there's new reason to get excited about the British pop band.

Now, television executives are considering making a 90-minute Spice Girls documentary timed with the group's new musical Viva Forever!, reports The Mirror.

Unlike the abysmal "Spice World - The Movie", the film intends to be a warts and all look at the Spice Girls rise to fame.

Interviews with each Spice Girl would also be a part of the documentary.

Of course, there's one major caveat to the deal. It all hinges on whether Victoria Beckham, the fashion designer formally known as Posh Spice, wants to play ball.

According to the Metro, the group hasn't performed together since 2008 and Beckham's reluctance may be the reason why the band didn't perform at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee concert.

As the Guardian reminds us, the last time a Spice Girls documentary was in the works, Beckham did her best to block airing the film on U.K. television in 2001.