How I Spiced Up My Sex Life By Losing The Underwear

Want to spice up your next evening out with your partner? Leave your underwear at home.

Before you recoil and have thoughts of, "No way in hell," just hear me out. I am a card carrying member of the underwear-wearing group. So that's what I thought too. Until the other night, when on a whim, I decided not to wear any.

I slipped my dress on and buckled up my wedges and headed out the door. Halfway through dinner, sitting at a table with three other couples, I whispered to my husband, "I'm not wearing any underwear." Eyebrows raised and a shit-eating grin on his face, he said, "Well, maybe we should skip dessert."

That one little wardrobe omission added a sexual charge to our evening. It was like having a few hours of foreplay, which felt great. And when we got home, it was one less thing that I had to take off.

A few caveats for me: I can't see going commando while wearing pants. Having a seam rub against my crotch just doesn't sound like it would be comfortable, much less a turn on. And the dresses that I wear can't be too short. I don't want to Sharon Stone in "Basic Instinct." That's not sexy. Unless only my husband sees it.

Not wearing a bra is another story. Nothing exciting, for me at least, about size 34 D post breastfeeding boobs hanging down around a 49-year-old woman's chest. I like mine strapped in and up high.

Give being free and easy a try one night. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. And you'll have less laundry to do.

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