Sean Spicer Makes Odd Quip About Russian Dressing, Twitter Claps Back

Guess he doesn't know Russian dressing is actually American.
03/28/2017 02:27pm ET | Updated March 28, 2017

Another day, another Sean Spicer classic.

During Tuesday’s White House press conference, press secretary Spicer tried to laugh off President Trump’s alleged Russian connections by making a joke about Russian salad dressing.

Obviously, it did not go well and people on Twitter quickly seized the opportunity:

Spicer also apparently forgot to research the origins of Russian dressing, as it was actually invented in Nashua, New Hampshire by a man named James E. Colburn, according to the Portland Press Herald:

And it generally goes on Reuben sandwiches:

Others pointed out that given Trump’s fast food habits, there’s no way he would even eat a salad:

For what it’s worth, someone did a deep dive and couldn’t find Russian dressing on the salad at Mar-a-Lago:

We can’t wait to see what “Saturday Night Live” and Melissa McCarthy do with this Russian dressing bit.

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