Sean Spicer Makes Odd Quip About Russian Dressing, Twitter Claps Back

Guess he doesn't know Russian dressing is actually American.

Another day, another Sean Spicer classic.

During Tuesday’s White House press conference, press secretary Spicer tried to laugh off President Trump’s alleged Russian connections by making a joke about Russian salad dressing.

Obviously, it did not go well and people on Twitter quickly seized the opportunity:

Spicer also apparently forgot to research the origins of Russian dressing, as it was actually invented in Nashua, New Hampshire by a man named James E. Colburn, according to the Portland Press Herald:

And it generally goes on Reuben sandwiches:

Others pointed out that given Trump’s fast food habits, there’s no way he would even eat a salad:

For what it’s worth, someone did a deep dive and couldn’t find Russian dressing on the salad at Mar-a-Lago:

We can’t wait to see what “Saturday Night Live” and Melissa McCarthy do with this Russian dressing bit.

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